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April 30, 2014

New population estimates released today by the state show the Central Valley town of Chowchilla continuing to grow at a rapid clip -- 8.7 percent last...

April 24, 2014

Maybe. But it's simplistic to single out Fresno in a pack of cities, towns and rural areas--many of them in the Central Valley and SoCal's Inland Empi...

April 9, 2014

Looking for a poster child for California's unbalanced water management policy? How about the San Jaoquin River, which hasn't had a salmon run since t...

March 7, 2014

Here's what happens when a mysterious barge owned by a household-name tech giant pulls up at the river port of one of America's most famously bankrupt...

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'That's Amazing!'

Fans flock to a new permament exhibit of the late Huell Howser's work at Chapman University


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Help for the California condor

Mugshot Mary Redux

San Francisco's library problem

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