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Pleasant Hill's tweeting city clerk quits, saying only a 'schmuck' would want the job

Keeping minutes of city council meetings just wasn't Kimberly Lehmkuhl's thing. The Twitter-loving city clerk, under fire for not producing any minutes for an entire year after being elected in the East Bay community of Pleasant Hill, has called it quits.

Lehmkuhl's tweeted (and often opinionated) updates of council meetings in real time and her resistance to efforts by frustrated city officials to coax her into doing her job made her the butt of jokes in Pleasant Hill. And her scathing resignation letter, emailed to Mayor Tim Flaherty, gave folks more to chew over. An excerpt:

“This has been an atrocious, incredibly depressing and mind-numbingly inane experience I would not wish on anyone. I wish the city the best of luck in finding some schmuck eager to transcribe every last misogynistic joke, self-indulgent anecdote and pathetic pandering attempt by council, and every tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, racist aside, and NIMBY asshattery from the lovely council meeting frequent flyers, without which, surely our democracy could not flourish.”

The council must decide whether to appoint a replacement or hold a special election.

From the sounds of it Lehmkuhl will be missed about like a toothache. The mayor, who had been more long-suffering towards the ex-clerk than some of his City Hall colleagues, remarked: "To paraphrase Gerald Ford, our long municipal nightmare is over."

More here via the Contra Costa Times.

Image: KGO-TV (ABC 7)

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