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Psst! The New York Times says Palm Springs is hip again

Palm Springs is like a Persian rug dealer going out of business. It's never going out of business. And when the place gets a little ragged around the edges, it manages to reinvent itself (or at least advertise that it is reinventing itself) for the next generation of show business types who provide its cachet.

That's another way of saying Palm Springs is hip again.

It must be, because Sunday's New York Times Style Section says so. That's based largely, it appears, on Leonardo DiCaprio's recent purchase of Dinah Shore's old estate (pictured). Wink. Wink. It quotes a "party-goer in his 30s" as saying of DiCaprio, “There’s no question he’s going to generate a lot of young Hollywood energy.”

A sampling:

Whatever it means, Mr. DiCaprio’s presence jibes with something of a Palm Springs renaissance. According to a recent article in The Hollywood Reporter, Anne Hathaway is rumored to be house hunting there, and Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were recently seen furniture shopping in the Uptown Design District.

New hotels, restaurants, clubs and galleries are shaking up droopy Palm Canyon Drive. And the sight of snowy-haired Cadillac drivers is giving way to that of millennials cruising the streets on vintage bikes. (The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival drew some 200,000 Gen Xers and Yers — including Mr. DiCaprio — to the area this year.)

The piece also quotes a "style pundit from Britain" who says the DiCaprio purchase has "made it permissible to be an A-list movie star in Palm Springs again."

See. It's never difficult for Palm Springs to reinvent itself. Not with so many folks eager to help.

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