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Field Poll: Voters want roads fixed, but don't want to pay

Although 71 percent of California's registered voters say they want the state to spend more to fix roads, only 49 percent favor adding 10 cents per gallon to the state gas tax. Only 38 percent want more toll roads, and barely 30 percent favor a user tax on vehicles based on miles traveled.

That's the takeaway from a new Field Poll.

road cone.jpg

Meanwhile, you may recall the governor's office last month announced that the state faces $59 billion in deferred maintainence to bring roadways up to par.

Californians already pay 63.79 cents per gallon in combined state and federal gas taxes, second only to Pennsylvania. The average among states: 48.23 cents. Now for the confusing part: The state Board of Equalization just days ago voted to reduce the state gas tax by 6 cents as of July 1 to comply with a politically-devised formula hatched years ago.

Here's a breakdown of the Field Poll results from the Sacramento Bee.

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